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Our Impact

Our projects and programmes have been providing tangible and long-lasting impacts for over 30 years, within Northern Ireland and in countries across the world. During our lifetime we have impacted 10's of thousands of young people, across some of the most marginalised groups in the world and tackled some of the most complex issues faced by these young people.

Currently, we have 5 live projects. Each one provides a distinctive impact with the cohort they engage and all with a common goal in mind, to unleash the potential.

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Project Impact

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work experience placements delivered per year to young people, aged 18- 24, facing mental health challenges based on their own personal needs and aims. Developing employability skills whilst focusing on the horticultural and conservational efforts of our project.

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Level 1 OCN in Horticulture

recieved per trainee

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John Muir Award

received per trainee

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Certificate of employability received per trainee

Project Impact

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young offenders per year gain OCN Level 1 in various industry-approved employability qualifications whilst gaining work experience in our Mughshots workshop

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restorative justice piece per year designed by young offenders on our project

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Project Impact


young people will be directly impacted by LSN through the creation of Ambassadors, Active Listeners and through other aspects of the project delivery

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NI Further Education Campus' and their student bodies will benefit from an additional peer mental health support service

Project Impact

The Rye Sustainability Challenge aims to join together young innovators and entrepreneurs through a transnational ideas competition. 

RYE SC aims to build international cooperation and partnerships for climate issues and to explore place-based opportunities. Teams will receive support from business developers, researchers and mentors to create feasible initiatives.

With this project still in its pre-delivery stage, check back for up-to-date impact stats when they're available

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Project Impact

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young offenders per year achieve a Level 1 OCN qualification in Pre-tenancy Skills per year

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young offenders per year increase their understanding of the obligations on how to sustain their tenancy per year

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young offenders per year complete SYT training per year

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