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RYE Sustainablility Challenge is a Sustainable business ideas competition for facilitating young entrepreneurs and innovators of the northern periphery and arctic.

The Rye Sustainability Challenge aims to join together young innovators and entrepreneurs through a transnational ideas competition, and facilitate processes in which they can develop sustainable solutions for their local communities and economies.

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Project Overview

RYE Sustainability Challenge will focus on the following interventions and topics:

  • UN Sustainability Goals Ideas generation

  • Place-based opportunities

  • Sustainable business models and solutions

  • Act Local Impact Global

The RYE Sustainability Challenge will task teams of young innovators and creative thinkers to provide solutions to urgent sustainability and climate issues through the lens of new and viable business ideas.


RYE SC will be delivered in a workshop format that will showcase how the Interreg-NPA / RYE Project tackles the real sustainability issues facing our communities in the Northern Periphery & Arctic region. We will show how creative thinking can create and identify openings for growth, recovery and regional prosperity.

RYE SC workshop will help promote and develop innovative thinking, problem-solving, cooperation skills and the creation of an entrepreneurial mindset. During the sessions, through the promotion of networking and the joint ideas generation format, we will uncover new business opportunities connected to local sustainability and climate change issues. This format helps to remove geographical barriers, promote knowledge transfer and encourage positive movement.

Through this, we will demonstrate the RYE SC approaches ability to engage local communities and youth in order to achieve tangible, real-life solutions to local and global issues