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SYT, Sustaining Your Tenancy, is a tenancy education programme delivered to marginalised young people. SYT delivers a tailormade qualification that aims to increase understanding of the obligations on how to sustain tenancy.

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Project Overview

 SYT has been designed to help overcome barriers identified through working with marginalised young people that impact their ability to sustain their tenancy.

Below are just some challenges faced by the marginalised young people we surveyed. 

Drug & Alcohol Addiction
No Qualifactions
More than
Literary Issues
More than
Numeracy Issues

Running from July 2022 - December 2024 and delivered in partnership with several organisations our qualification has been designed to develop the tenancy skills of marginalised young people. With the skills developed during this bespoke qualification, young people will be better equipped to prevent possible eviction and sustain long-term tenancies. 

The programme will enable 60 young people to build the soft and hard skills required to build strong relationships and improve communication channels with the NIHE.

SYT will support vulnerable and marginalised young people to better understand and manage their obligations as a tenant. By doing this SYT will prepare young peole to make regular rent payments through proper planning and understanding.

Do you have a group of marginalised young people who would benefit from SYT?
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